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Malawian Film Industry Gets a Boost

The Malawian film Industry (Mollywood), which is still in its infancy, gets a boost with the recent announcement of veteran musician-cum-politian, Lucius Banda, that he is soon to be on the screen.

Lucius Banda

The Malawian music market which has been dominated by movies from other African countries, especially Nigeria, is expected to get a very big boost with the comming in of Lucius, one of the musicians that sets the pace of the current Malawian music scene.

Banda has announced that plans for a Malawian-owned film company are at an advanced stage. He said movies from the Malawian company are expected to stiffly compete with the Nigerian ‘Nollyhood’ movies.

“We want to upgrade Mollywood. We have the belief that, with the talent that we have in the country, we are going to succeed in this venture,” he said.

Banda who currently at the peak of his career has 14 albums and is among a few Malawian musicians whose music has been played on the international stage. He has also managed to produce quality music videos. He said the new film company will produce and market Malawian movies.

“We will be producing Malawian movies made in Malawi by Malawians. We have all that it takes to have good movies in the country. What we now need is just a matter of confidence,” he said.

He said he would soon be engaging consulting experts that will start scouting for talent in a countrywide search to find the best talent that would help make the Mollywood project a success.

“If our friends in Nigeria and Ghana have managed it, what can make us fail? We are not talking of one or two movies here, we are talking of a full fledged film company where we will have our own actors,” he said.

He said his music label, Zembani Music Company, will be marketing the movies for successful promotion and marketing.

In the past Malawi has tried its luck in the movie industry. The first Malawian movie was ‘To Ndirande Mountain With Love‘ produced in 1985 and casting Malawi’s acting cream of the crop (including Du Chisiza, Junior, who gained the reputation of Malawi’s Shakespeare).

The second movie was ‘Prodigal Son‘ produced by the Bible Society of Malawi which depicted the biblical story of the prodigal son.

In the past five years the country has been struggling to produce movies but it has failed to achieve its goals as all the films have been substandard as compared to the first two.

Just recently a professionally produced movie ‘Seasons Of A Life‘ produced by Malawian movie maker, Shemu Joya, and his company, First Dawn Arts, is yet to be on sale for home use.


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