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Nairobi Half Life fights to live for a few more nights

On March 21st 2013, one feature film will screen in cinemas across the USA. Audiences at each venue will be asked the question. Should this film receive one week’s theatrical release at this cinema? If the majority vote “yes” then that film will return to that cinema for a week’s theatrical release. We have the cinemas, we have the audience… the question is… do you have the film?

Nairobi Half Life

Nairobi Half Life

The Feature Film Project is a new venture, presented by MANHATTAN SHORT designed to discover, market and promote one Feature Film through our established cinema network that otherwise might not have had the opportunity to find an audience, gain distribution and get discovered.

Why do we care? Because tonight that feature film is an African one. Nairobi Half Life, is a Kenyan film that has received international acclaim and in 2012 became Kenya’s first ever submission to the Academy Awards when it was submitted in the Foreign Language category. The film also won awards at the Durban International Film Festival, the AFI Film Festival 2012 and Film Africa 2012. This feature film has even received support from the Embassy of Kenya in the U.S.

The film will be shown in several cinemas across the U.S. and then audiences will determine whether they should show it for a full week.

Please help support this African film so that more African films have an opportunity to share their work with a broad new audience. Learn more about the Manhattan Short Feature Film Project and the films they offer.


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