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Peter Mensah to join HBO’s “True Blood”

Peter Mensah will get a chance to show his acting skills in HBO’s ‘True Blood’, according to Deadline‘.

Peter Mensah as Oenamaus in 'Spartacus'

Peter Mensah as Oenamaus in 'Spartacus'

‘True Blood’ is a series on HBO that tells the story of vampires that live in a small town (Bon Temps) and survive on synthetic blood.  Some people in the town are a little apprehensive about having vampires live among them, while others are fine with them, as long as they only want synthetic blood.

Mensah will star as an African Chancellor of the Authority, Kibwe, whose job it is to work toward mainstreaming.  Despite having been in several high profile movies including ’300′, ‘Hidalgo’, ‘Tears of the Sun‘, and ‘Avatar’, he didn’t gain notoriety until he got on Showtime’s ‘Spartacus’. As the whip-wielding Dotore, Oenomaus, he has the respect of all the other gladiators for having been the only gladiator to have fought, and survived,  the mighty Theokales.

Be on the lookout for him in ‘True Blood’ you can also follow his Facebook fanpage.


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