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Ramsey Nouah movie to premiere in Washington DC

‘Gem of the Rainforest‘ will be showing at the Holiday Inn in Georgetown DC on September 13, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.

‘Gem of the Rainforest’ is a story about a two-faced diamond mask stolen from Africa some three hundred years ago when the first white men landed on the shores of the River Niger. The rock suddenly resurfaces in the hands of a Texan resident, Dr. Dye Oppenheimer (played by Joe Grisaffi), for the first time in 300 years.

Geologist and Anthropologist professor, Dr. Catherine Ileka (a.k.a. Cat, played by Kae Shakir) gets a phone call from a friend, Sweetwater Brown (played by Perez Egbi), regarding the unveiling of the stone in Houston, Texas. Cat comes to Houston to see if it’s true or just a myth.

Gem of the Rainforest

Gem of the Rainforest

To ascertain that the stone most believed never existed, does indeed exist, Cat and Sweetwater crash the exhibition event to confront Dr. Oppenheimer and Jesse Holland (played by Ramsey Nouah) about the Stone’s origin. Cat and Sweetwater attempt to steal the stone and return it back to Africa putting themselves in a dangerous predicament.

Gem of the Rainforest is produced by Nkem DenChukwu and written and directed by Don Okolo. Ramsey Nouah is a very popular and famous Nollywood actor with over 100 movie titles under his belt including Crazy in Love‘. Joe Grisaffi has 71 titles under his belt and has starred in ‘Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery‘, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’, and ‘Napoleon’s Curse’, to name a few. Nkem DenChukwu is a published author and this movie marks her first foray into film. Don Okolo is also a published author as well as a filmaker with an extensive list of movies under his belt.

The movie brings together African and American actors in a collaboration of what promises to be an interesting film. For more information about this event, visit Tribex Marketing Group’s website or call (301)793-6430. You can also purchase tickets here.

To get more information about the movie, visit the official movie website.


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