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Chef Roble Ali cooks up a storm on Bravo TV

Roble Ali, the part-Somali and part-African-American chef, cooks a mean meal and has been on demand in several New York spots, and on the catering circuit.

Chef Roblé (Photo: Chef Roble & Co)

Describing how his love of cooking was formed, Roble says, “My grandfather … Jessie Harris … was a professional chef. He worked in catering [and] catered an event for John F. Kennedy, one of his proudest moments,” Roblé says. “He was an awesome dude, and I think, subconsciously, he inspired me to end up being a chef.”

The short bio is that he started cooking in kitchens when he was 15, was catering when he was 18 and has shadowed some great chefs including Abigail Kirsch and Chris Santos. He has also had the privilege of cooking for the late Michael Jackson, Dina Lohan,  Johnny Weir, Matisyahu, and Kandi Burruss. He recently launched his catering business, Roblé & Co. and is dealing with all the nuances that owning your own business can bring.

Roble  has a blog called Bleezie’s Playhouse, where he shares his culinary musings.  Incidentally he is cousins with the Mataano twins (the designing ladies we featured a few years ago who own the fashion design house, Mataano).

We guess that with all this talent in the family they must be well-fed and well-dressed.  To view his television show, Chef Roble & Co. on Bravo TV, visit the Bravo website for times and dates.


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