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Akon to perform in Kenya

Akon is slated to perform in Kenya at Carnivore on October 27 and 28,  2012, thanks to the Spartan Group.

Akon Concert

Stella Mwangi, his opening act, is already in the country, getting ready for her part of the performance, which will be spread over two days.

In a Skype interview, Akon stated that “If you bump into me or anyone in my team, you’re welcome to give us a CD or a demo.”  I am sure this is bound to generate a lot of excitement as aspiring musicians with an eye to international fame, cluster to share their demos with him.

The concerts will be followed by an exclusive after party at the Ole Sereni hotel.

Akon’s and his crew are in Kenya now, preparing for their performance. To get more information about this event visit the Carnivore Facebook page, or Akon’s Facebook event page.


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