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Beatrice Kateme-Byakika – Mellow, soulful, talented

Beatrice Kateme-Byakika is a soulful jazzy singer with a smooth, soothing style.  She sings in English and various East African languages including Lusoga, Swahili, and Samia.

Beatrice Kateme-Byakika

In her most recent album, Platform 9, released in January this year, she features Rachel Magoola (a talented singer, songwriter and dancer from Uganda), MC Moseh and Sam Waiswa (a singer and songwriter from Uganda).  Lauded as one of the most exciting voices coming out of Africa, she delivers her message in a beautiful soothing style.

She does ramp it up in some of her songs, like the catchy ‘Roll Like Thunder‘ which is reminiscent of the 80′s. ‘Mpenzi Uwe Wangu‘ is great for easy listening.  ‘ Don’t Let This Be Broken‘ leads you through the emotion of  a woman hoping for love to prevail. Overall the album is a great listen.

You can listen to her albums (Coming Home, and Platform 9) on Bandcamp and become a fan on Facebook.





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