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Miriam Chemmoss Shows Love in Atlanta

Beyond beauty and a lot of talent, Miriam Chemmoss was a well-needed surprise this weekend to her fans. She brought along her live band, ready and set to perform.

Miriam Chemmoss

The Kenyan beauty has been scarce on the scene for a while but, judging from her performance in Atlanta this past weekend, it was a well-needed break because her performance showed a lot of growth and provided a lot of energy for the audience.

Fans loved her and the energy that flowed between her and her band, and the audience, was electrifying. This certainly gives a lot of hope and excitement to her new work that she’s birthing. Miriam its nice to have you back!


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One Response to “Miriam Chemmoss Shows Love in Atlanta”

  • Gambay Mama says:

    October 14th, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    Where did she go? I was under the impression that she was always doing her music thing..


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