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Omawunmi Megbele:The Voice Of A West African Idol

omawunmi-3.jpgThe name Omawunmi Megbele when mentioned, might not strike a cord but when attached with Idols West Africa, she comes like a flash. The Nigerian born diva stunned viewers of the TV reality show with her captivating voice and charisma each time she came on stage to perform a song, securing her position as the first runner-up of Idols West Africa, 2007.  Not surprisingly, six months later she storms the Music industry with two hit songs-In The Music and Miss My Baby,  that have since then enjoyed air play by radio stations all around the country.

Omawunmi Megbele, is the first runner-up of Idols West Africa 2007. On December 23,2008 – Jamati Entourager Seun Johnson (Nigeria), had the opportunity to chat with this talented lady from home.

Background: I am the 12th child of 14 children of a polyg mous family, born to the late Dr. F. Megbele and Mrs. Q. Aya Megeble. I had my primary and secondary school education in Warri, and studied Law at Ambrose Alli University, Edo State, worked for some time, and then came Idols West Africa.

Jamati Entourage: Was it Idols that plunged you into stardom?

Omawunmi: Of course! I was not known before then, it was what brought me out into the limelight.

Jamati Entourage: Any plans to have a collaboration with any other Artiste?

Omawunmi: Yes I do, but it’s still under wraps right now, so I can’t tell you for sure who. But, 2009 there’s going to be lots of collaboration.

Jamati Entourage: Two of your songs-“In The Music” and “Miss My Baby”, are currently toping the play list of radio stations. But, what inspired you to do a song like “In The Music”, we all know it’s  different from the regular songs we hear around?

Omawunmi: I grew up listening to different types of music, I enjoy every type of music, I can’t really place my hands on one particular genre. Kwaito (a South African music genre) is one of them, what I’m actually trying to do is eventually getting people to listen to different songs from my album. The way I feel about music is what I want people to feel and enjoy in my music. It won’t be wise limiting me to a particular genre of music.

Jamati Entourage: Do you still have plans to practice Law?

Omawunmi: I do, I will, but this is an opportunity of a life time, Idols gave me the pedestal to do this. Now, I don’t have to start scratching from the premise to the goldmine. I want to capitalize on it, and make good use of it. Law is my calling and I have a passion for it, in time to come I will surely practice Law.

Jamati Entourage: Do you have any attachment to the phrase-“Warri people don’t come last?” 

Omawunmi: Yes I do! It’s not just particularly about that phrase, it’s everything that comes from growing up in the Delta. We have an attitude that people cannot help but notice. We’re very direct and free people.(talking in Pidgin)It means anything we find ourselves doing, we do it well and stay at the top.

Jamati Entourage: Any serious relationship at the moment?

Omawunmi: No, I’m single.

Jamati Entourage: It’s Xmas, any special plans?

Omawunmi: Hmmm, I’m gonna shuffle between my family and myself.

Jamati Entourage: Some youth see you as a role model. Any word of advice to them?

Omawunmi: I feel proud and elated to be considered such. What I tell people that aspire to be like me is-(pidgin) Nothing is stone–rather it’s beans; it’s going to cook someday! Just do your best and be persistent, and make sure you’re happy.

6 Things you don’t know about Omawunmi
* Apart from her home and car, her diamond ear rings are also expensive.
* She wouldn’t say what she would do if she was invisible for a day.
* She cries often for various reasons and has lost count, and can’t remember when last she cried.
*Her last text message was from her cousin saying “this is the number 080”.
* She won’t tell you the last lie she told, and most embarrassing day.
*She has been asked out by another celebrity, Who?…………..never mind!


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6 Responses to “Omawunmi Megbele:The Voice Of A West African Idol”

  • Omagbemi Kakayor says:

    December 24th, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    Omawumi is a star. Very inteligent response to questions. She is doing us proud all the time!
    Merry Christmas,

  • Onaivi Otoks says:

    December 25th, 2008 at 6:00 am

    Dats a strong Sista rite dere!! Babe u too much..

  • FaceOfaMogul says:

    December 26th, 2008 at 11:44 pm

    It seemed like she was lip singing.

  • Roselyne says:

    January 13th, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Congrats Jamati on keeping up the good work. I was visiting Kenya and Nigeria and one of the most popular songs on the airwaves is “No one like you” by P Square from Nigeria. I am suprised you haven’t features this artist in any of your articles. I also like 9ice (gongo aso) or Olu Maintain (Yahooze), you can google any of this guys and you will see their videos. I think this are the AKONS of the music scene in Nigeria. We have much talent in Africa it would be interesting to do an article on music from different regions e.g. (Nameless, Redsun) from Kenya. etc

  • alli shakira from nigeria says:

    January 19th, 2009 at 5:17 am


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