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Remembering Moses Taiwa Molelekwa

Remembering who?? I am sure that is what most people may ask, but for those in the know, the ones who truly love music, there is a short pause of silence taken.


Moses Molelekwa

Moses Molelekwa

Moses Molelekwa was found dead, 12 years ago, hanging next to his wife who had been strangled. He was only 27. Although the jury is still out on what really happened, the common consensus was that this was a tragic blow to contemporary African music. Molelekwa’s father and grandfather were musicians, and Moses was introduced to jazz through his father’s collection of John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis records. He started playing guitar and Casio keyboard before studying piano on Saturdays at the Federated Union of Black Arts Academy. “There is no question that music saved my life,” he said later. He was later fortunate enough to play with music greats, Miriam Makeba and Jonas Gwangwa.

The deep house music that is currently playing in modern South African songs hints to the influence of Molelekwa. His style runs through the music of groups like Black Coffee and Culoe De Song. Molelekwa pulled together kwaito, jazz, jungle, hip-hop, neo-soul, and marabi that pulsated from his very soul. He also produced music for the very popular group, TKZee.


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