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Solange Knowles Shoots new music video in South Africa

While her big sister, Beyonce was back in the States chilling at Jay’s Made In America Festival, Solange Knowles jetted to South Africa with mother, Tina Knowles to shoot her beautifully eclectic new music video for “Losing You” which Solange describes as “eclectic with ’80s references and African percussion influences”.

Curl queen Solange traveled to the township of Cape Town, South Africa–Langa & Khayelitsha–over the weekend to shoot her rand new music video for “Losing You.”  The song will appear on a new album Solo is working on, and we’re loving the vibe already.


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One Response to “Solange Knowles Shoots new music video in South Africa”

  • curious says:

    October 27th, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    I love south africa but that video was kind of wierd, something was just not right.


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