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Sonic Diaspora host Wagëblë at Patty Boom Boom

Sonic Diaspora will be hosting Senegal’s Wagëblë at the Patty Boom Boom thanks to their sponsor, Nomadic Wax. The music starts at 9 p.m. and there is no cover charge.


Wagëblë’s music is a unique blend of hip hop, poetry and spoken word. They describe their style as ‘Rap Afro,’ a style fashioned by combining rhyming patterns with themes that speak to the difficult life of the disenfranchised youth, as well as highly-politicized and cultural messages. Through Rap Afro, Wagëblë builds on the tradition of the griot as the storyteller who affirms the values of society, the oral historian, societal critic and spokesperson for the community to speak truth to those in power. Wagëblë raps in Wolof and French, though the group also speaks English.

Wagëblë encompasses Dakar, Washington DC, and Lausanne by members, Papa Moussa Lo a.k.a. Waterflow and Lamine Kandji a.k.a. Eyewitness.

You can learn more about this group on their web page, or follow them on Facebook.


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