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Video Thursday: Lira – Hamba

This is a beautiful song by South African singer, Lira.  ‘Hamba‘. Basically the song is saying, enough is enough.  Even if you leave me, I will not cry for you.



LIRA has won a multitude of South African Music Awards, MTV Africa Awards and MOJO Awards as well as Glamour Magazine South Africa’s Woman of the Year, fashion and lifestyle magazine covers, and platinum albums.

She has four platinum-selling albums under her belt (‘Feel Good‘ (2006), ‘Soul in Mind’ (2008), ‘Return to Love’ (2010), and the soundtrack to Lira Live in Concert). The title track to her debut album “‘Feel Good’ officially became the first music video from a South African artist featured on VH-1.

This will probably resonate with those who have been in relationships where it seems like they are putting their all into it and getting nothing back in return. Share your thoughts.


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