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WAGEBLE: More than just a hip-hop duo

Wageble is Senegalese hip-hop group made of two hard-core MC’s who go by the name  Eye-Witness and Waterflow, and together they named themselves Wageble, meaning “coming from the ghetto or a place where the less minority lives”. The hip-hop duo,  despite having attained fame and fortune, still feel profoundly connected to their chosen name, for they come from the heart of Dakar, the capital of Senegal, where poverty is a door step away. Determined to take that first step towards a thousand miles, the duo teamed up, creating a hip-hop movement bigger than they expected.


Years later, Wageble is a house hold name and they have toured around Africa, Europe and the USA. In the process  they have teamed up with Rublin and Crizmo, the producers who helped with their last 2 albums. Now working on their third album which is due to be released in early September 2009, Wageble have already released and shot a music video for their first single from their up and coming third album titled “Come Back“, which was co-sponsored by Brooklyn-based hip-hop label, Nomadic Wax.

For more on this hip-hop duo log on to their website or visit their Myspace page.


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