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Yvonne Mwale – Sings from poverty to fame

Yvonne Mwale’s tale is one that may make you pull out a handkerchief and dab your eyes. The daughter of Honorable MP, Michael Mwale of Zambia, and singer Jelita Mwanza, her life seemed like it would be a charmed life.

Yvonne Mwale

Unfortunately tragedy struck when she was 12 years old and both parents died.  An unscrupulous relative took everything from her, leaving her homeless.  For two years she survived on the streets, singing to earn money. She finally found a family that was willing to take her in and started to build her music career.

In 2001 she began singing professionally and it wasn’t long before she became famous for her energy on stage.  In 2008 she was lead singer for B. Sharp.  By 2009 she was winning awards including “Best Upcoming Female Artist” at the Ngoma Awards.  She went on to win other awards including 2nd winner of the Jahazi Jazz Festival Music Competition in Tanzania.

Her songs have been played on heavy rotation in Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa.  BBC World Service picked her song ‘Kalamatila’ to play on rotation. Caravan Records is responsible for the global distribution of her music and she can be found doing extensive tours in Europe and Africa.

You can learn more about this resilient artist by following her on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.  YListen to her music on ReverbNation, and purchase it on iTunes and Amazon.



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