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Basketball in Africa: Trending now

Basketball is not a sport that we hear of very often in Africa (at least not as a sport that would like to encourage our children to participate in).  Instead we focus on soccer, that ultimate sport that keeps us enthralled in front of the television, yelling obscenities to the referees when they call fouls against our beloved team.

Passport : Basketball in Africa

Passport : Basketball in Africa

Black Medley Entertainment (the people who brought you the ‘10 Minute Fix) is, however, very interested in the direction that basketball is taking in Africa and has decided to share the stories of the sudden rise in this sport’s popularity.  They are currently going to different African countries to find out what each country is doing to promote basketball, and find out the reasons behind the sudden interest.

Passport is a unique show that is built around the premise that Africans share a universal access to diverse audiences through sports. The show captures diverse cultural backgrounds, iconic geographical locations as we discover the ever expanding demographic and love Africans have for basketball and the culture that surrounds it.

In the first episode, the focus is on Nigeria. Nigeria is known to have one of the best African basketball teams in the FIBA Africa zone, it’s no surprise after all it’s a country that nurtured raw talent like basketball’s great Hakeem Olajuwon. In this episode we get to meet Col. Sam Ahmedu and his Dodan Warriors Basketball Club where he has helped nurture talent since the games early roots in Lagos, Nigeria. We see an array of new talent and learn how the game is providing gateways to not just basketball but broader opportunities, we also uncover a desire for an Inter-country tournament similar to the NBA in Africa.

Learn more about future Passport shows on Black Medley Entertainment’s Facebook page.




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