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Ethiopian Soccer Tournament in Washington D.C.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) Soccer Tournament which is currently going on in Washington D.C. The tournament usually attracts record numbers of Ethiopians but there are some who are boycotting the games to protest the ESFNA’s accepting of funds from Ato Al Amudi. The games are being held at the RFK Stadium. To learn more about their events go here.

ESFNA Tournament 2008

There will be more family friendly activities this year, an Ethiopian Festival, and a girl’s soccer match. There will also be a voter registration drive on July 4th with a special booth set up for the Ethiopians for Obama.


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One Response to “Ethiopian Soccer Tournament in Washington D.C.”

  • rawdawgbuffalo says:

    July 1st, 2008 at 6:26 am

    Nice spot u have here, hope u don’t mind the drive by, do chk me out one day

    rawdawgbuffalo and if u like what u read, maybe u will come back, even Blog Roll Me


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