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Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race is richest mountain running race in the world

The Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race has a combined pot of $250,000 and attracts some of the world’s best mountain runners. The men and women’s individual winners’ prizes are $50,000 each.

The race was started by Governor Donald Duke to raise awareness about Obudu Cattle Ranch and Mountain Resort, a tourist resort in Nigeria.

Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the finest tourist destinations in the world.  Deep in the tropical rain forest of Cross River State, Obudu and the Ranch present an enchanting scenery and breathtaking vistas.

The resort which s located on the Obudu Plateau at an altitude of 1,576 metres above Sea level is equipped with modern facilities like an International Hotel, an airstrip, a golf course, nature reserve, and a waterpark. It is equipped with a Cable Car and a Canopy Walkway.

The prizes attracted world-class athletes and pit prominent mountain runners against established road runners.  The race starts at 800m and goes up the Obudu Mountain for another 800m. The race is an associate member race of the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) and is also endorsed by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

This year’s winner was Etenesh Diro Neda (Ethiopia) with Rita Jeptoo (Kenya) and Kipoech Paskalia (Kenya) coming in second and third respectively in the women’s race.  In the men’s race, Abebe Dinkesa (Ethiopia) came in first with MacDonard Ondara (Kenya) and Chemosin Robert (Kenya) coming in second and third respectively.

All winners are listed below:

1st 2005  Ben Dubois 48:44 Anna Pichrtová (CZE) 55:46
2nd 2006  Francis Kibiwott (KEN) 42:26  Rehima Kedir (ETH) 53:26
3rd 2007  Habtamu Fikadu (ETH) 42:50  Rita Jeptoo (KEN) 51:42
4th 2008  Abebe Dinkesa (ETH) 41:45  Andrea Mayr (AUT) 51:14
5th 2009  Habtamu Fikadu (ETH) 42:03  Mamitu Daska (ETH) 49:12
6th 2010  Abebe Dinkesa (ETH) 42:21  Meselech Melkamu (ETH) 48:57
7th 2011  Hunegnaw Mesfin (ETH) 41:50  Genet Yalew (ETH) 48:45
8th 2012 Abebe Dinkesa (ETH) 1:01:58 Etenesh Diro Neda (ETH) 1:00:03


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