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Prince Amukumara – New York Giants cornerback

Prince Amukamara | New York Giants #20 | Corner Back

Prince Amukumara was born in Leominister, Massachussetts, to Nigerian parents.   The grandson of the Chief of Awo-Omamma in Imo State in Nigeria, he is next in line to be Chief.

Prince Amukamara

Amukumara’s mother participated in the 1984 Summer Olympics for the Nigerian Track and Field team.  His father was a teacher.  In Apollo High School in Glendale, Arizona, Prince was a track & field standout in several events, and was one of the Hawks’ most explosive weapons on the football field. Through six games in the 2006 season, he had rushed for 1,129 yards and 270 receiving yards on offense and two interceptions on defense.

Amukumara was named to the Arizona All-State team by, and named “Big School Player of the Year” in Arizona by the Arizona Republic newspaper. In college he continued to play really well and was a Jim Thorpe Award finalist, a Chuck Bednarik Award semifinalist, and a Ronnie Lott Trophy quarterfinalist.

On April 28, 2011, Amukamara was selected 19th by the New York Giants in the 2011 NFL Draft. In the first series of his career with the Giants, Amukamara recorded an interception on a Vince Young pass against the Philadelphia Eagles. He won his first Super Bowl, winning Super Bowl XLVI with the New York Giants, defeating the New England Patriots 21-17.


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