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Tsegaye Kebede shatters record at Chicago Bank of America Marathon

Ethiopia’s Tsegaye Kebede  shattered the course record at the Chicago Bank of America Marathon.  His time of 2:04:38 easily beat Kenyan runner Moses Mosop’s record of 2:05:37, set last year.

Atsede Baysa of Ethiopia, (R) and Rita Jeptoo of  Kenya

To understand how incredible this is you must realize that the marathon distance is 26.2 miles long, and he had to maintain a speed of 4:46 minutes per mile the ENTIRE race.

Africa dominated in the women’s race too, with Atsede Baysa of Ethiopia barely beating Kenya’s Rita Jeptoo by a step.   The entire race was a fight up to the very end, thrilling the crowd with its intensity.

Baysa won in 2:22:03 and Jeptoo came in second at 2:22:04.  Kenya’s Lucy Kabuu came in third at 2:22:41.


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