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Arise Africa Fashion Week

The inaugural Arise Africa Fashion Week is ready to kick off in Johannesburg from the 12th – 19th June. The event which is a collaborative effort between African Fashion International (AFI) and ARISE magazine, hopes to take African fashion to the world, while contributing to the realisation of the African Renaissance.logofashionweek.jpg

AFI believes that it is providing the designers from the north, east, west and south of our continent a platform that would stimulate the continent’s creative economy and showcase its rich, deep cultures.

The Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg will sparkle with glitz, glamour and creativity as 51 of the elite designers from the continent gather for the eight-day fashion spectacular, which would culminate into the African Fashion Awards, recognizing the very best of the best in African fashion.

The designers include, Paul Herve Elisabeth (Martinique), Tiffany Amber (Nigeria), Tina Atiemo (Ghana), House Of Diva (Swaziland), Gloria Wavamunno (Uganda), House of Imane (Kenya), Lisete Pote (Angola), Mekdi (Ethiopia), Mustafa Hassanali (Tanzania), Sandra Muendane (Mozambique), Soucha (Egypt), Zineb Joundy (Morrocco), and Bebenoir (Republic of Guinea) among many others.


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