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Jamhuri Wear wants to help you travel in style with Buyu

Jamhuri Wear, designer of the unique ethnic-pride wear, have come out with a luxury travel collection, Buyu.

Buyu by Jamhuri Wear

The Buyu brand premiered on Heritage1960.c0m, an online trunk show that provides guaranteed access to fashion, lifestyle and design items not readily available elsewhere.

Jamhuri Wear’s new travel range, “Buyu by Jamhuri Wear”, is named after the fruit produced by the Baobab tree. The collection is 100% handcrafted in Kenya, using repurposed bark fiber sustainably harvested from the aptly named “Tree of Life”, fused perfectly with natural tan leather. This extension of Jamhuri Wear embodies the cycle of life and celebrates the co-existence of humans with nature.


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