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Lookout for Modahnik on Project Runway

Kahindo Mateene of Modahnik, that highly visible, extremely Afropolitan, always elegant fashion house, is going to be on Project Runway tonight.

Started by Kahindo Mateene in 2009, Modahnik focuses on the global female, pulling in all of Kahindo’s experience as a world-traveler. The colors are vibrant, the prints bold and the attitude is all diva!

Modahnik has been featured in WWD, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, Refinery 29 and on runways in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Johannesburg.

Modahnik will be competing against 16 other cast members for a large prize on Project Runway. We wish Kahindo Mateene all the best and hope she is as successful as the other African contestant, Korto Momolu.


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