Brenda Fassie, the renegade who spoke for the people

Written by Shirlene Brown | November 1, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Brenda Fassie was the kind of woman you didn’t forget.  Her wild and independent style helped her make a name for herself, and allowed her to become a familiar voice and face for the disenfranchised in South Africa. as the anniversary of her birthday comes up (November 3, 1964), we would like to remember who she was.

Popularly known to her fans as MaBrr, she started her musical career as a young girl, singing for tourists while her mother played the piano.  She later went on to join the group, Joy, then became lead singer for the group Brenda And The Big Dudes.  She had her son, Bongani, with one of the musicians  in the group.

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